1. From the dashboard, select the PPAP you’d like to review and click on the Tile, this will redirect you to the list of elements available. 


    2.  Select the element you’d like to review and click on the Details button.

                                         NOTE: The element must be marked as Submitted. 


3. Click on Details once more, then download the document.  

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4. Click on the downloaded file icon to open and review the document. 

5. Once you’ve reviewed the Document, click on the Disposition button. Here you’ll three options: Rejected, Accepted, and Interim Approved

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            5a. For Accepted and Interim Approved documents continue by clicking the Grant disposition




            5b. For Rejected documents, comments are a mandatory field since they are used to specify the reason for rejection. This comment will be sent to the supplier via email and SMS. 



6.  The document will now show the Disposition you granted, to continue reviewing Documents you can click on the name of the element you were working on. 

For elements with more than one document:

  • Please remember that if the element has multiple documents, you must give disposition to all of them.
  • If one document is rejected the entire element is considered rejected. 
  • In order to be considered approved, all the documents must be approved